domingo, 4 de mayo de 2008

[VIDEO] La decisión de la Princesa Peach

En éste divertido vídeo (en perfecto e imposible de entender idioma del País del Sol Naciente) se puede ver a la Princesa Peach con un problema: tiene que elegir un pretendiente, pero no sabe cual.

Traducción (en inglés):

Hey Koopa, you're too persistent.
Why don't you give up on Peach?
Tough luck, it's not your business. I am the one for her.
Please stop arguing, both of you.
Look at your face in the mirror.
Don't say that because man's value is his heart.

My sweetest peach girl, I love you.
If you don't understand it, I'll take you away again.
I'll risk my life to recapture you, but I can't capture your heart?
That's enough. Who do you think you're talking to?
Your Tsundere character is also charming.
Man's value is his heart.

Wait a sec, don't forget me. Here come I, Luigi. Sorry, I'm late...
Can't you understand the situation here? Just hold your tongue.
Don't get carried away. I'll trample you down.
You're saucy though you're just a second banana.
My looks are not so good, but man's value is his heart.
Man's value is his heart.
Man's value is his looks.

Fuente: Pixfans (vídeo) y J-lovz (traducción al inglés)

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